Flora Fauna Folk is an uplifting, welcoming space to learn, grow and share ideas to care for the Earth, each other, and ourselves. Here, you'll find illustrations, resources, inspiration and support for all kinds of connected, compassionate ways of living.

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About Me!

A story of a seedling


I'm Maddie Raithby, owner of Flora Fauna Folk, illustrator & permaculture designer. Also a lover of trees, cats, tea, and naps.


About me..

I have a foundation diploma in Art & Design, a degree in Horticulture & Garden Design, and I completed my Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) in 2019. I don't particularly love the culture of academia and credentials, but this is the sort of thing you're supposed to mention on your business "About" page, right? So there, now you know I'm not completely making it up as I go along. Just mostly! I will say, the two week residential PDC was the most nourishing learning I've ever had the privilege to take part in, and infinitely more fulfilling than any university qualification. It was the first seed sown in the cultivation of Flora Fauna Folk, which I launched a year and a half later in November 2020.

How Flora Fauna Folk began..

After university, I made various efforts in holding down a postgrad job, hoping to save up for dreams of owning land and keeping chickens and bees and being 'self sufficient'. I interned at a landscape design practice, took seasonal retail jobs, became one half of the entire horticultural team at the local garden centre. However, I really, really struggled. The 40 hour work week was not designed for the joy and fulfilment of any employee, but it's particularly violent towards those who live with chronic illness, disabilities and neurodivergence. I'm autistic, and have pretty severe chronic anxiety disorders. Owning a business has allowed me to design for my own creative joy and fulfilling career. And that's how the seed of Flora Fauna Folk germinated and started to form its true leaves.

Still but a humble sapling, but growing every day!